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The Spire Vessels API service was initially designed to return only the most recent information provided for each vessel. It joins the position reports and static voyage reports which are transmitted in separate AIS messages into a single record, making development more efficient, clean, and clear.

As data volume and quality of Spire’s AIS service has grown significantly since its first release in 2017, the Spire Maritime 2.0 API was developed to scale.

Spire chose to leverage GraphQL technology instead of REST for this newly enhanced service as GraphQL offers the client the ability to describe the data and get exactly the data that is needed through the use of queries. You can find detailed GraphQL overview here.

Ultimately, Spire Maritime 2.0 delivers state of the art vessel data infrastructure that enables customers to unlock the value of the data and provide access to vessel data from various data sources, such as AIS, with more sources such as EVD and routing services to come in the future.